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7Hz Salnotes Dioko Pre-Orders Now Open – $99 Planar IEM Tuned by Crinacle

If you’ve been around the ChiFi scene, you would’ve heard of 7Hz and Crinacle. Well, the former just released the 7Hz Salnotes Dioko, a planar IEM tuned by Crinacle himself. The best part is, this IEM doesn’t cost all that much either with a $99 price tag – that’s only about RM435.

Based on the frequency response graph shared by Crinacle, the Dioko looks to be a relatively neutral-sounding IEM with quite a bit of bass boost. It also has a 14.6mm planar driver that promises “true audiophile sound character” with “outstanding clarity and detail in every note,” as 7Hz puts it.

Beyond that, the Dioko itself looks quite premium despite its affordable price tag. Not only does it have a CNC aluminium shell, it also has a tempered glass cover with sapphire coating. It comes with an OCC copper cable as well with a rather neat-looking storage box.

If you’re keen to get the 7Hz Salnotes Dioko, you can place your pre-order with Linsoul for $99. Alternatively, if you’re in Southeast Asia, you can get it from Mecha Store instead for S$149. Needless to say, a planar IEM at this price point is certainly interesting; the fact that it’s also tuned by Crinacle makes it that much more attractive.

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