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Nvidia Showcases AI Capabilities of Its RTX Graphics Cards in Malaysia
July 1, 2024 Andrew Cheng

It’s very rare for Nvidia to hold a consumer media event here in Malaysia, so it was quite special when we were invited by the company for one such occasion. Naturally, Nvidia highlights the AI capabilities of its RTX graphics cards in various use case scenarios at the event, both on PC and laptop.

One particular showcase that caught our eyes is Nvidia ACE, which brings “AI game characters and digital humans to life with generative AI,” as the company puts it. Leveraging on either an RTX graphics card or the cloud, ACE makes it possible to have (largely) natural conversations with an NPC, among other uses cases.

And then there’s Nvidia Broadcast, which uses AI to improve your livestreaming experience. Not only can it perform noise removal, it can also do video noise removal. Of course, there’s also background replacement and auto frame; the latter dynamically track your movements (in real time) to keep you within the frame.

Now, these are just glimpses of AI-powered features that are enabled by Nvidia RTX graphics cards. If you’d like to learn more about the AI capabilities of Nvidia’s RTX GPUs, you can do so on its official website. Several companies are also running promotions for their own range of products powered by Nvidia until 28 July 2024, including Acer Malaysia.