Man Donates Proton Saga to Proton in His Will
July 1, 2024 Andrew Cheng

Now this is quite interesting! While we were at Proton Centre of Excellence in Subang Jaya for a separate event, we saw a peculiar-looking blue Proton Saga on display. When we enquired about it, we were told by a Proton representative that the Saga was actually donated by the late Ariffin Hew.

Turns out, he had it written in his will to his wife to continue keeping his Proton Saga at home or have it donated to Proton. Evidently, his wife went with the latter option, and looking at the car itself, it looks to be quite well-maintained as well, especially for a car as old as it is.

While the car did have some leaks when it was donated to Proton – as conveyed to us by the Proton representative – they were fixed before it is finally showcased at Proton Centre of Excellence within the Crystal Showroom. Oh, the Saga can still be driven too!

If you’re keen to see the Proton Saga in person, you can do so now at Proton Centre of Excellence in Subang Jaya. The national carmaker has other cars showcased there as well to show its history throughout the years, which could prove to be a nice walk down memory lane.