Apple The Exchange TRX Tote Bag Now Resold for up to RM10,000
June 24, 2024 Andrew Cheng

At the grand opening of Apple The Exchange TRX last Saturday – marking the first Apple Store to be opened in Malaysia – the Cupertino company gave out a commemorative tote bag on a first come, first served basis. Well, surprise surprise, the bag is now being resold for up to RM10,000.

Not long after the opening of the Apple Store, numerous listings of the tote bag appeared on Carousell. With prices ranging from “merely” RM240 to a whopping RM10,000, it’s evident that customers are trying to make a quick buck on the (technically) limited edition bag.

To be fair, the Apple The Exchange TRX tote bag is quite nice. Packaged in a minimalist cardboard box, the white fabric bag has a “JOM” script written vertically on the front, which is stylised after the unique 3D roof of the Apple Store. Aside from that, Apple The Exchange TRX is also written on the back of the bag.

Given the limited availability of the Apple tote bag, it’s understandably a collector’s item. But to sell it for up to RM10,000 for something that was given out for free isn’t exactly…well, nice. Granted, these are only listed prices for the tote bag, so no one is paying that much money for the tote bag – not yet anyway.