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We Tried Out Samsung’s AI-Powered TVs & the Stylish Music Frame
June 21, 2024 Andrew Cheng

Samsung’s big new feature for its 2024 TV lineup is AI, which introduces a slew of AI-powered capabilities. From 8K upscaling – with the help of the new NQ8 AI Gen3 processor – to AI Customisation Mode, these features certainly enhance the viewing experience of the new TVs.

We were invited by Samsung Malaysia to experience what its 2024 TVs have to offer, and by the end of the hands-on session, we were left quite impressed. We also got to spend some time with the stylish Samsung Music Frame, which is a unique wireless speaker that complements Samsung’s equally stylish The Frame QLED 4K TV quite well.

Since AI is the big new feature for Samsung’s 2024 TVs, let’s talk about that first. The AI features for the new TV is enabled by the aforementioned NQ8 AI Gen3 processor, which features 512 AI neural networks. It is Samsung’s “most advanced processor yet that optimised both picture and sound to deliver the ultimate 8K experience,” as the Korean company puts it.

In practice, the processor does make for a very enjoyable viewing experience. We got some viewing time with the 2024 Neo QLED 8K QN900D – which starts at a cool RM27,599 for the 75-inch model – and we’re impressed with the image quality’s sharpness, vibrant colours, and deep blacks despite not sporting an OLED panel.

Speaking of which, we also got a look at the OLED S95D 4K Smart TV. Naturally, the OLED panel offers very rich and bright colours with wide viewing angles and true blacks. The S95D’s “OLED Glare Free” anti-glare technology also reduces glare quite a bit, minimising distracting reflections.

While we’re talking about glare, The Frame LS03D QLED 4K Art Mode Smart TV – yes, it’s quite a mouthful – has a straight up Matte Display to further minimise glare. As its name suggests, The Frame has customisable frames as well to fit into the design theme of any given room.

Of course, you do have to pay quite a bit of money for this level of customisation; the 2024 Frame starts at RM5,699 for the 55-inch version.

Last but not least is the Music Frame, which is…essentially a wireless speaker in the shape of a photo frame. It works just like a “normal” photo frame where the image can be swapped out to any photo that you have, and it can even be hung or placed on a surface with the provided stand.

We only had a short listening time with the Music Frame, but from what we can tell, it can get reasonably loud with a good amount of bass and clarity. It can even be paired to a 2024 Samsung TV for improved audio quality, though the Music Frame itself doesn’t have an HDMI connection. Instead, it has an optical in with support for WiFi and Bluetooth 5.2.

So that’s a quick overview of Samsung’s 2024 AI-powered TVs and the Music Frame. If you’re keen to get any of these products or to learn more about them, head on to Samsung Malaysia’s official website.