smart Malaysia Introduces smartCare Aftersales Service Programme – Live Battery Monitoring
June 21, 2024 Andrew Cheng

smart Malaysia is introducing a new aftersales service programme dubbed smartCare. It is “designed to ensure the roadworthiness of all smart vehicles,” as the carmaker puts it, and the programme even includes live battery monitoring.

The Live High Voltage Battery Monitoring system, as its name suggests, monitors the battery health of any modern smart vehicles. If it detects any potential issues, the system will send an alert directly to smart Central so that necessary action can be taken to maintain optimal performance and reliability of the battery; very nice.

Aside from that, the smartCare programme also includes battery repair services. smart Malaysia is partnering with a local repair centre for the service, and it is able to perform repairs by reusing functional components to minimise downtime and reduce environmental impact. The battery technicians are said to carry qualified certificate of training too to ensure the highest level of care.

smart Malaysia further elaborated that it has partnered with a warehouse and logistics provider to ensure that spare parts are readily available. There are more than 3,000 SKUs and 10,000 parts in stock, reducing wait times and enhance service efficiency for smart owners that need quick car repairs.

“We are thrilled to introduce smartCare, a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional aftersales service and support to our valued customers. Our objective is to ensure that every smart vehicle is roadworthy and that our owners receive the proactive, reliable service they deserve,” said the CEO of smart Malaysia, Zhang Qiang.

“With smartCare, we are setting a new standard in the electric vehicle segment by providing stringent quality benchmarks to bolster customer confidence in owning an all-electric vehicle. We combine advanced technology, environmental responsibility, and unparalleled customer care,” he added.