Dell XPS 13 With Tandem OLED Display & Snapdragon X Elite in Malaysia From RM6,999
June 20, 2024 Andrew Cheng

The new Dell XPS 13 powered by the highly anticipated Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite chip is now in Malaysia. What makes the Qualcomm chip particularly interesting is its promise of good performance while offering better power efficiency for even longer battery life; the latter is an inherent advantage of Arm-based SoC.

Here in Malaysia, the XPS 13 with Snapdragon X Elite starts at RM6,999. For that kind of money, it comes with the Snapdragon X Elite X1E-80-100 chip paired with 16GB RAM, 512GB of SSD storage, and a 13.4-inch 1920 x 1200 non-touch display with 120Hz refresh rate.

What if you want to configure the XPS 13 with the brighter, more vibrant 2880 x 1800 tandem OLED panel? Well, that is a RM900 upgrade, increasing the total price of the premium laptop to RM7,899. Of course, you can also add more RAM and storage to the laptop for more money. In terms of battery life, the XPS 13’s 55Wh battery promises up to 27 hours of battery life.

The Dell XPS 13 with Snapdragon Elite X is now available for order through Dell’s Malaysian online store from RM6,999; delivery dates will differ depending on the configuration that you choose. Alternatively, the Intel Core Ultra version of the laptop is also offered with a RM6,699 starting price.