Sony Launches ULT Power Sound Series in Malaysia – Speakers & Headphones From RM629
June 10, 2024 Andrew Cheng

Sony’s range of ULT Power Sound products are now available in Malaysia. At launch, three different wireless speakers and a pair of headphones are offered here, including the ULT Field 1, ULT Field 7, ULT Tower 10, and ULT Wear headphones.

Let’s start with local prices. The most affordable product is the ULT Field 1 speaker for RM629, followed by the ULT Wear headphones for RM899. Moving up, there’s the ULT Field 7 for RM2,099, while the ULT Tower 10, the largest wireless speaker of the lot, retails at a cool RM4,999.

All products in the ULT Power Sound series are said to offer “powerful deep bass and enhanced audio experience that will make the heart tremble,” as Sony puts it. They also have a dedicated ULT button that changes the bass response of the speakers or headphones.

The Sony ULT Wear wireless headphones are now available for purchase in Malaysia for RM899. As for the Sony ULT Field 1, ULT Field 7, and ULT Tower 10, they are set to arrive on our shores sometime in June this month for RM629, RM2,099, and RM4,999 respectively.