This Is the MSI Claw 8 AI+ With Intel Lunar Lake; Fallout 4 Limited Edition Previewed
June 12, 2024 Andrew Cheng

The MSI Claw may not be a particularly well-received handheld gaming PC, but it looks like the Taiwanese company is gearing up to release improved versions of the product. That’s right, it turns out MSI is working on several new iterations of the Claw, including the MSI Claw 8 AI+.

As its name suggests, the Claw 8 AI+ features a larger 8-inch display than the current model of the Claw; it is also powered by Intel’s upcoming Lunar Lake chips. Not only can we expect better integrated graphics performance from the new chips, power efficiency is said to have been improved as well, which will complement the handheld nature of the Claw quite well.

While we weren’t allowed to touch the Claw 8 AI+ prototype that was on display at Computex 2024, it does look to have a redesigned chassis with different shoulder buttons. It’s said to be packing a larger battery too.

As for the Fallout 4 Limited Edition of the Claw, it looks to be based on the standard model, though it is not quite ready for mass production yet. With that in mind, there’s a chance this special edition Claw will come with refreshed hardware once (or if) it goes into production. After all, MSI did mention it has plans to refresh the current model with Intel Lunar Lake chips as well.

At the moment, it remains to be seen exactly when we can expect the MSI Claw 8 AI+ and the Fallout 4 Limited Edition model to be released. It’s no surprise for the former, given that Intel hasn’t unveiled any Lunar Lake chips yet. Nonetheless, the new Claw does look quite promising, especially if the new chips live up to expectations.