Computex 2024: ROG Ally X Features Twice as Much Battery & Storage From $799
June 7, 2024 Andrew Cheng

The ROG Ally X, just as leaks and rumours have hinted, is essentially an improved version of last year’s ROG Ally. Not only does it offer twice as much battery and storage, it also has a reworked design (now in black) for better ergonomics.

It’s immediately noticeable that the ROG Ally X is more comfortable to hold than the original Ally the moment we picked it up at ROG’s booth in Computex 2024. Even though it is actually 70g heavier now – it has a very generous 80Wh battery after all – it doesn’t feel too heavy to be cumbersome, which is good.

Beyond that, the ROG Ally X also has up to 1TB of storage now along with faster 24GB LPDDR5 7500MHz memory – this change alone promises up to 15% faster performance – and the addition of another USB-C port. Evidently, the Ally X is really an improved version of the original Ally, even though it’s still shipping with the same AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme chip.

As for availability, there is a good chance the ROG Ally X will make it to the Malaysian market in the near future, given that the previous ROG Ally is currently sold on our shores. Pricing wise, the Ally X starts at $799 in the US, which comes up to about RM3,750.