ROG Strix Impact III Wireless Review: Reasonably Good Ambidextrous RM299 Gaming Mouse
May 30, 2024 Andrew Cheng

There are quite a number of gaming mice released under Asus’ ROG brand. There are premium options like the ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition and ROG Keris II Ace, as well as more affordable mice like the ROG Strix Impact III Wireless featured in this review.

Despite its affordable price point, the Strix Impact III Wireless actually has the very same sensor as the higher-end Harpe Ace. That being said, while the sensor itself already makes the Impact III Wireless an intriguing, budget-friendly gaming mouse, it does have its fair share of shortcomings, though its value proposition is certainly enticing.

What It Is

Featuring a 36,000 DPI ROG AimPoint optical sensor, the ROG Strix Impact III Wireless is a fast, accurate gaming mouse. It also comes with ROG Micro switches (that can be switched out) that promise up to 70 million clicks, ROG SpeedNova wireless technology for low latency, and two wireless connectivity options: 2.4GHz wireless with the ROG Omni receiver or Bluetooth.

Interestingly, the Impact III Wireless is also touted as a lightweight mouse, tipping the scales at only 57g. However, this is quite misleading, as that is the weight of the mouse…without the battery installed, which is necessary for the mouse to actually work.

So with a AAA battery installed with the use of a rather clever plastic battery adapter, the Strix Impact III Wireless weighs 68g. If you want even better battery life (up to 450 hours on the 2.4GHz connection), you can use a AA battery that is provided with the mouse, though it increases the weight to 72g. That still makes it a relatively lightweight mouse, but not exactly 57g as advertised by ROG.

Anyway, here in Malaysia, the Impact III Wireless is priced at only RM299. You can even get it at a lower price – we saw it go down as low as RM279 – from certain retailers. On special sales period like the upcoming 6.6 sale, I’m sure the mouse will be even more affordable.

The Good Stuff

While we’re still on the topic, the value proposition of the Strix Impact III Wireless is easily one of its best qualities. After all, this RM299 mouse has the same ROG AimPoint optical sensor as the more costly Harpe Ace, which is already a fast, accurate mouse.

I have to preface the fact that I am not a particularly competitive gamer, but to me, the ROG AimPoint sensor of the Impact III Wireless does feel very capable. It can translate my physical movements to the on-screen cursor very closely, so it feels easy to line up my shots quickly and accurately with this gaming mouse.

Of course, the wireless performance of the Strix Impact III Wireless is great too. With its ROG SpeedNova wireless technology, I didn’t notice any difference between using another wired gaming mouse to the 2.4GHz wireless mode of the ROG Omni receiver. I also love the fact that I can connect other ROG products wirelessly with the same receiver, such as the ROG Falchion RX Low Profile keyboard.

Oh, there is also a hidden slot underneath the shell of the mouse to keep the receiver; very nice.

I also appreciate the fact that the ROG Micro switches of the Impact III Wireless can be replaced as and when necessary. It features Asus’ proprietary Push-Fit Switch Socket, which is compatible with 3-pin mechanical switches. This effectively makes it a hotswappable mouse, which should be able to extend its usable lifespan.

In terms of glide performance, the Impact III Wireless’ four feet can offer a smooth, uninterrupted glide. If I were to nitpick, it would be great if replacement feet are also bundled with the mouse, which is the case for Asus’ more premium gaming mice.

The Bad Stuff

My only real gripe with the ROG Strix Impact III Wireless is its overall shape. While I love the fact that it has an ambidextrous design, the mouse feels a tad too…flat for my liking. This is in stark contrast to the Harpe Ace, which still feels comfortable despite its symmetrical design. Granted, it is also a much more premium, expensive gaming mouse.

And then there’s the fact that the Impact III Wireless cannot be used in wired mode; it can only be paired via 2.4GHz wireless through the ROG Omni receiver or Bluetooth. I’m also not thrilled that the mouse is not as lightweight as it’s marketed to be, which can be quite misleading.

Is It Worth It?

Despite its shortcomings, the value proposition of the ROG Strix Impact III Wireless does make up for them. For only RM299, the gaming mouse has a very competent sensor with fast wireless performance, hotswappable switches, and smooth gliding performance.

If you don’t mind the fact that the Strix Impact III Wireless has a rather flat shape with no support for wired connection, it’s really a gaming mouse worth considering. It offers great value for money, which gets even better if you can get it below the original RM299 asking price.