Proton Launches 5-Star Rating Initiative to Recognise Top Dealerships in Aftersales Service
May 30, 2024 Andrew Cheng

Proton just announced a new 5-Star Rating initiative. Built upon the national carmaker’s existing Proton Operational Excellence (POE) initiative – which started on 6 March 2023 – the new rating system is meant to recognise top dealerships that excel in aftersales service.

Every month, five dealerships will be given the 5-Star Rating, and these outlets will be featured on Proton’s corporate website. The rating system is based on the POE score of respectively dealerships while also taking into account their service quality. The latter is evaluated in two categories (speed and compliance) which are further broken down into six focus areas.

“At Proton, we believe that delivering a high level of aftersales service to our customers helps to set us apart from rival brands. Therefore, we will continue to invest in our customer service and aftersales operations at all outlets to ensure all customer facing roles deliver the highest levels of satisfaction,” said the CEO of Proton Edar, Roslan Abdullah.

“Yes, we also believe that offering a range of premium high specification models at competitive prices helps to attract customers to showrooms, but delivering exemplary customer service and providing class leading aftersales keeps them loyal to the brand and opens the door to repeat purchases,” he added.