Video: Chilkey ND75 Sound Test – How Is This Only $89?
May 28, 2024 Andrew Cheng

Pre-built keyboards have gotten incredibly good in recent times, and the Chilkey ND75 is a great example of one. Not only does it offer excellent value for money with a $89 starting price, it’s quite a refined keyboard too with three different mounting styles.

So what are the three different mounting styles of the ND75? Well, there’s split O-ring, silica gel particle – it looks to be a gasket-style mounting of sorts – and the classic top-mount. It also has a full aluminium case, polycarbonate plate, Gateron EF Dopamine Blue linear switches, and even doubleshot PBT keycaps in Cherry profile. Oh, there’s an LCD screen on the right side of the keyboard as well.

The Chilkey ND75 is now available for pre-order from various vendors; the full list can be found here. Stay tuned for our full review of the budget-friendly pre-built keyboard!