Maybank Service Outage – MAE, Maybank2u, Debit Card Transactions Unavailable (Update: Back Up!)
May 23, 2024 Andrew Cheng

Update 23 May, 8:30PM: Maybank’s services are back up! After about an hour of downtime, Maybank users can now perform transactions as usual. That being said, Maybank card information cannot be viewed now, curiously enough. No statement yet from the bank on what caused the outage.

The original article follows.

It appears Maybank is facing some issues with its services. The outage affects MAE, Maybank2u, Maybank2u Biz, debit card transactions, as well as instant transfers and cash withdrawals (with non-Maybank cards) through Maybank’s ATMs; all of these services are temporarily unavailable until further notice.

This service outage is confirmed by Maybank itself on its social media channels. The bank did not specify the exact issue, only mentioning that it is “working to resolve the matter as soon as possible.” Rest assured, we will keep a close eye on the issue until we hear more from Maybank.