Nothing Ear & Nothing Ear (a) Are Here With ChatGPT Integration – From RM479 in Malaysia
April 18, 2024 Andrew Cheng

Nothing just unveiled not one, but two new wireless earbuds. The Nothing Ear is essentially the successor to the Nothing Ear 2 – despite what the product name suggests – while the Nothing Ear (a) is a more affordable alternative that even comes in a rather fun shade of yellow.

Here in Malaysia, the Nothing Ear is priced at RM659; that’s slightly more than the RM599 launch price of last year’s Nothing Ear 2. As for the more budget-friendly Nothing Ear (a), it retails at RM479. Even though the local prices of these wireless earbuds have been unveiled, they’re not quite available for purchase here yet, though you can register your interest on Nothing’s official Malaysian website.

One of the headline features of the Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a) is ChatGPT integration. Not surprisingly, this feature will only work when the wireless earbuds are connected to the Nothing Phone 2, though the Phone 2a and Phone 1 will also get the same feature via software updates in the future.

Hardware wise, the Nothing Ear promises improved audio quality over its predecessor, thanks to its 11mm ceramic driver. It’s also said to feature better 45dB active noise cancellation and up to 40.5 hours of battery life. As for the Nothing Ear (a), it has a similar feature set, though it doesn’t come with the fancy ceramic drivers – opting instead for “dynamic” 11mm drivers – with slightly longer battery life of up to 42.5 hours.

To recap, the Nothing Ear retails at RM659 in Malaysia, while the Nothing Ear (a) goes for RM479. No word yet on exactly when these wireless earbuds will be available for purchase on our shores, but rest assured, we will keep a close eye on them.