Pulse Explore & Pulse Elite Arrive in Malaysia 8 March 2024 From RM699
February 20, 2024 Andrew Cheng

PlayStation’s Pulse Explore wireless earbuds and Pulse Elite wireless headset get a new release date in Malaysia. Both products were originally set to be available here this month in February 2024, but we’ve got word from PlayStation itself that these two audio products will only be offered locally next month.

More specifically, the Pulse Explore and Pulse Elite will arrive in Malaysia on 8 March 2024. As previously revealed, the Explore is priced at RM999, while the Elite wireless headset goes for RM699.

What makes the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore particularly interesting is the fact that both of them use planar magnetic drivers for an “audiophile-level listening experience.” While such a driver isn’t uncommon for headphones, the fact that it’s offered in a pair of wireless earbuds for the Explore is certainly enticing. PlayStation knows this too, saying that it is one of the first companies to offer wireless earbuds with planar drivers.

Beyond that, the Pulse Explore and Pulse Elite both support low latency, lossless audio through the use of the PlayStation Link USB adapter. (The adapter is included with the Explore and Elite, though it can also be purchased separately for RM119.) They also feature AI-enhanced noise rejection to reduce background sounds, and in the case of the Elite, it even has a retractable boom mic.

To recap, the Pulse Explore and Pulse Elite will be available in Malaysia next month on 8 March 2024. The Explore is priced at RM999, while the Elite carries a RM699 price tag.