MTG Murders at Karlov Manor Coming to Tabletop 9 February – Murder Mystery Theme!
February 7, 2024 Andrew Cheng

Magic: The Gathering’s latest set, Murders at Karlov Manor, will be released for tabletop this Friday on 9 February. True to the set’s name, it will be themed after murder mystery, and you can even try to solve a rather intriguing online puzzle by collecting clues printed on various Murders at Karlov Manor product.

Beyond the murder mystery element of the new set, Murders at Karlov Manor is also the first set to feature the new Play Boosters; a combination of Draft and Set Boosters. Moving forward, the latter two products will no longer be sold, and Play Boosters will be used for Limited formats, including Sealed and Draft.

Like with any MTG sets, Murders at Karlov Manor has a number of neat treatments, including the magnified and dossier treatments you see above. Players can also get full-art impossible basic lands from Play Boosters – and Collector Boosters, of course – which look great, in our opinion.

Magic: The Gathering’s Murders at Karlov Manor will be released for tabletop this Friday on 9 February. The set is offered in Play Boosters, Collector Boosters, Commander Decks, Prerelease Packs, Bundles, and even Gift Bundles.