Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo Out Today Ahead of 29 February 2024 Release
February 7, 2024 Andrew Cheng

Players can now get a taste of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth! A demo of the upcoming game has just been released alongside a new 11-minute gameplay video showing various elements of Rebirth, including a slew of minigames.

As you can see in the gameplay video embedded below, Rebirth is shaping up to be an exciting title. There is a sizeable world map with various mounts and vehicles to get around the expansive world, as well as new synergy skills that “characters with a close relationship can perform,” as Square Enix puts it.

As for the demo of Rebirth, players will be able to play as Cloud himself while also taking full control of Sephiroth, who is arguably one of the most iconic antagonists in gaming history. The demo is a part of an extended flashback that gets into the Nibelheim episode from the opening chapter of the game’s story. An update for the demo will also be released on 21 February, which will add some parts of the Junon region.

You can now download the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo from the PlayStation Store. As previously revealed, Final Fantasy VII remake project is a three-part trilogy, so Rebirth is only the second instalment. We’ll have to wait for the third part to reach the conclusion of the series.