Genshin Impact Teases Chiori – New Character Coming in Version 4.5
January 29, 2024 Andrew Cheng

We are two days away from Genshin Impact‘s new Version 4.4 update, so naturally, Hoyoverse is teasing a new playable character. This time around, it is just one character: Chiori. Chances are, she will be playable once Genshin Impact 4.5 is released in the near future.

Every Genshin Impact character teased by Hoyoverse is usually playable in the next version update of the game, so there’s no reason the same wouldn’t apply to Chiori. Hailing from Inazuma, she first appeared as an event-exclusive NPC in the Roses and Muskets event in Version 4.3.

As always, the rarity of Chiori was not revealed, and it remains to be seen what weapon she uses. That being said, she does dual wield swords in her teaser image, and she has a Geo Vision too. It will be interesting to see whether she is a DPS or support-oriented character.

Expect Chiori to be playable in Genshin Impact 4.5. For now, the Version 4.4 update of the game will be released this Wednesday on 31 January, where Xianyun’s and Gaming’s event wishes will be available first, followed by Xiao’s and Yae Miko’s rerun banners in the second phase.