BYD Seal EV Pre-Bookings Open in Malaysia – 3 Variants, RM1,000 Booking Fee
January 22, 2024 Andrew Cheng

The BYD Seal EV is now available for pre-booking in Malaysia! A RM1,000 booking fee is required to secure your order of the electric sedan, and BYD explicitly states that this fee will be factored into the pricing of the car, unlike how it is with Tesla.

As expected, as many as three variants of the Seal are offered for the Malaysian market. There’s the Dynamic Standard Range base model, the mid-tier Premium Extended Range version, and the range-topping Performance AWD variant.

What differentiates the three models of the Seal are performance, range, and charging speeds. The Dynamic SR, for one, features a single electric motor on the rear wheels that does 204PS and 310Nm of torque. It also has a 61.44kWh battery that offers up to 460km of WLTP range with support for 110kW DC charging.

A tier up is the Premium ER Seal. While it has a similar single rear motor setup as the base model, it has higher outputs of 313PS and 360Nm of torque. Paired with a higher capacity 82.56kWh battery, it can travel up to 570km (WLTP) on a single charge. It can do 150kW DC charging as well, allowing the large battery to be charged from 10-80% in 37 minutes.

Last but not least is the Seal in the highest-end Performance AWD trim. This model has a dual-motor setup with a combined output of 530PS and 670Nm of torque, allowing it to go from 0-100kmph in only 3.8 seconds. It has the same 82.5kWh battery (and 150kW DC charging rate) as the Premium ER too, but given the extra performance, the range is reduced to 520km (WLTP).

Pre-bookings of the BYD Seal EV are now open in Malaysia through the company’s official website. Of course, pricing of the electric sedan has not been revealed yet; we’ll have to wait for the Seal’s local launch to find out.