JRIS80 Groupbuy Live Until 10 December – TKL Custom Keyboard From RM779
December 1, 2023 Andrew Cheng

IRISLAB is back yet again with a new keyboard in a new layout. The JRIS80 is a TKL custom keyboard with some neat design elements, including a weight made out of titanium alloy. Starting at only RM779 in Malaysia, it’s quite an affordable TKL too.

As usual, Rebult Keyboards is the Malaysian vendor for the JRIS80. The RM779 starting price is for the anodised version of the keyboard – such as the Dark Green model below – and it goes up to RM849 if you want the coated finishings instead.

Like most custom keyboards in the market now, the JRIS80 uses a gasket mounting system with customisable typing stiffness. Just like the JRIS75, the JRIS80 has a unique mechanism that allows for easy disassembly of the top case without the use of any tools. Compared to other custom keyboards we’ve built, this really does make the build process more seamless.

The JRIS80 groupbuy is now live until 10 December. If you’re here in Malaysia, you can place your order with Rebult Keyboards from RM779. As for international folks, head on to the official product page of the JRIS80 to find the nearest vendor to your location.