Dbrand Suing Casetify for Copying Its Teardown Designs
November 24, 2023 Andrew Cheng

Dbrand is suing Casetify for allegedly copying its Teardown lineup of skins and cases. The former’s Teardown series is the result of a partnership between Dbrand and Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything fame, and the company has some compelling evidence to back up its claims.

In the video below, Zack presents the similarities between Dbrand’s Teardown designs to Casetify’s Inside Out cases. While Casetify does change up the design slightly, its cases still have various Easter eggs that are unique to Dbrand’s skins, such as the phrase “glass is glass and glass breaks” – a famous catchphrase of Zack.

There are various other evidence shown by Zack in his video, including how Casetify rearranged Dbrand’s Teardown designs for its own cases. According to Dbrand, Casetify copied 117 of its designs, and the company is hitting Casetify with a federal lawsuit in Canadian courts for eight figures in damages, as reported by The Verge.

At the time of writing, Casetify has not issued any official statement in response to Dbrand’s lawsuit. It has, however, removed the Inside Out and Inside Parts cases on its official website, which shows that Casetify is – at the very least – aware of the allegation.