KTM Komuter Now Supports MyDebit Cards – RM30 Pre-Auth Charge
November 14, 2023 Andrew Cheng

It is now easier to get onto a KTM Komuter ride in the Klang Valley and Utara lines, provided you have a MyDebit card. The public transport service now accepts payment via MyDebit cards at its Automated Control Gate (ACG), and a RM30 pre-auth charge will be held for the transaction.

However, there are some caveats. As mentioned, KTM only accepts MyDebit cards issued by local banks; the card in question has to have contactless payment enabled as well. Do note that if the RM30 pre-auth charge cannot be obtained from your MyDebit card, it will be blacklisted by KTM.

Once a MyDebit card is blacklisted by KTM, it cannot be used for other services offered by the company. (You can still use the card for other transactions, of course.) In order to remove your card from the blacklist, you will be required to head to a KTM counter and explain your case. A penalty may be charged as well, depending on what you did to get the card blacklisted.

More details on using a MyDebit card to pay for your KTM Komuter rides can be found here. Every entry with a MyDebit card will automatically be charged the adult rate, so if you want to get a different ticket type, you have to make use of the ticket counter or kiosk instead.