Budget 2024: Extension on License Fees Waiver for B2 Motorcycle, Taxi, e-Hailing Tests
October 13, 2023 Andrew Cheng

At Budget 2023, the government announced the waiver of license fees for three different categories, which include test fees for B2 motorcycle (below 250cc), taxi, and e-hailing. Well, at the tabling of Budget 2024, this initiative will continue to be extended.

According to the government, this initiative will benefit over 40,000 youths from low income families. Funds for the initiative will be taken from the sales of special number plates, which will also be channeled to other efforts.

One such effort is supplying over 100,000 motorcycle helmets, including those for children, to low income families for free. The same funds will also be used to continue the FLYsiswa programme, which will benefit almost 60,000 students who need assistance to afford flight tickets back home.