Honkai: Star Rail x La Juiceria Themed Cafe Experience in Malaysia
October 11, 2023 Andrew Cheng

The Honkai: Star Rail Astral Express Pit Stop event is now live in Malaysia! It coincides with the launch of the Version 1.4 update today, and on our shores, the themed cafe event will run until 14 November at the Menara Hap Seng 2 branch of La Juiceria Superfoods.

We were given the opportunity to try out the Astral Express Pit Stop event ahead of the launch today, and it was quite a pleasant experience. From the themed meal to the merchandise on offer, we reckon every Star Rail fan will appreciate dining (and shopping) here.

The first thing you’ll see when you walk into La Juiceria Superfoods in Menara Hap Seng 2 is none other than the merchandise shop. Unfortunately, the shop wasn’t open during our visit, so we couldn’t grab any of the cool items shown on the table, including the sleek acrylic stands of various characters. Do note that you don’t have to dine at the cafe to buy these merchandise.

We did, however, get the Star Rail special holographic ticket, which is only given to customers who purchased a set meal. Not only does the ticket look nice – you’ll get either the March 7th or Dan Heng version – it also comes with a redemption code for some in-game items. These include a Chef Pom-Pom avatar, a Conductor’s Treat phone wallpaper, Pom-Pom’s Fried Fowl consumable, and a recipe for it.

Besides that, you can also redeem the Star Rail collaboration stand you see above by purchasing any two set meals on weekends. Alternatively, it can also be bought for RM70, while the Pom-Pom badge is priced at RM14. You can also get the badge and a character postcard by completing some special tasks.

Naturally, the La Juiceria Superfoods cafe itself is also adorned with various Star Rail decorations. From the tables, walls, to various character standees placed throughout the space, it does feel quite…well, festive in the cafe. It’s a relatively similar ambience to last year’s Hoyo Fest 2022 celebration.

Finally, we have the set meals for Star Rail. Three different combo meals are offered with several side dishes, and we went with Combo A (Cosmic Fried Rice, Snapper Jam Appetiser, Punitive Energy Drink), Combo C (Wild Herb Soup, Fruitwood-Grilled Shantak Moa Drumettes, Vomit Inducing Agent), Steamed Puffergoat Milk, and All Good Potion.

While we are by no means food critiques, we did enjoy the dishes. Despite the name, the Vomit Inducing Agent actually tastes quite good! Same goes for the Wild Herb Soup, which is more akin to an acai bowl than a soup. After all, the “soup” is served cold, much to our surprise (in a good way).

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed the Honkai: Star Rail Astral Express Pit Stop event in Malaysia. It’s set to run until 14 November next month, so there’s plenty of time to check out the themed cafe. If you’d like to reserve a seat for the event, you can do so over at La Juiceria’s dedicated page for booking.

Once you’re on the page, just pick a date that you want, select a time slot – dining time is limited to 75 minutes for each customer – choose your combo and any side dish, and make your payment. It’s worth noting that walk-ins are actually accepted for the event, though it will be subject to availability.