The 2023 Genshin Impact Concert in Malaysia Was Amazing
October 9, 2023 Andrew Cheng

The Malaysian leg of the Genshin Concert Tour: Melodies of an Endless Journey concluded last weekend on 7 October 2023. Held at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas and performed by (naturally) the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO), it was an amazing show.

Conducted by Naohisa Furusawa, who has been a member of MPO since 2003, Genshin Impact fans were treated to a slew of soundtracks from the game. These include iconic music from Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, Sumeru, and get this: even Fontaine.

Throughout the Genshin Concert, the playlist moves from one region to another in chronological order. That is, the first set of songs were taken from the starting region, Mondstadt. But the actual first song that was performed by MPO is Overture of Storms, which was played in the very beginning of the game when the two Travelers were separated from each other by an unknown god.

Next up is Acquaintance (Statue of The Seven); this is basically the music you hear in the login screen of Genshin Impact. Our personal favourite song from the Mondstadt list is certainly the Dawn Winery Theme – a few members of the audience actually gasped when Diluc was shown on the projection.

Once the Mondstadt playlist was wrapped out – and after a 15-minute intermission – we move on to Liyue with…well, Liyue. We also got Qilin’s Prance, the song that accompanied Ganyu’s character demo, and even the epic Wrath of Monoceros Caeli track that was used for the third phase of the Childe boss fight.

But the highlight of the Liyue playlist – and arguably the whole Genshin concert – had to be when the orchestra started playing Rex Incognito. We first hear this song when Zhongli’s character demo was first released, and to date, it has garnered a whopping 32 million views. Needless to say, this one song made our night.

Just when we thought the Genshin Concert was over – it certainly felt like it when the whole orchestra was standing up – we were told that there will be another (!) 15-minute intermission. It was certainly a pleasant surprise, as we though we would only get Mondstadt and Liyue songs from the concert.

After Liyue, we get to Inazuma, where we get songs like Inazuma (of course), Kitsune’s Mask, and Termination of Desires; the latter is none other than the theme song for the Raiden Shogun herself. Shortly after Inazuma, we get to Sumeru with Whirling of Leaves and Petals, Fresh Breezes of Dawn, and the incredibly catchy Hustle and Bustle of Ormos.

For the encore, we also got three songs from Fontaine! Given that these soundtracks were not found in the official programme book, we absolutely did not see it coming.

All in all, we definitely enjoyed ourselves at the Genshin Concert tour in Malaysia. This event is quite a big deal, given that it is Hoyoverse’s very first international offline concert series that is happening worldwide until early 2024. Here’s hoping Hoyoverse will do yet another Genshin concert sometime next year – perhaps Malaysia will get more than one show in the next round!