Honkai: Star Rail 1.4 Drops 11 October With Jingliu, Seele, Topaz & Numby, Guinaifen
October 1, 2023 Andrew Cheng

The Version 1.4 update of Honkai: Star Rail looks to be jam-packed with content. Not only is the PS5 version of the game releasing on the same day (11 October) three new playable characters will be added to the game as well, including Jingliu, Topaz & Numby – yes, they are technically one character – and Guinaifen.

It’s also worth noting that Seele, who was the very first event-exclusive character, will have a rerun banner in Star Rail 1.4. Her banner will be available alongside Topaz & Numby and Guinaifen in the second phase, while Jingliu’s event warp will be offered first once the Version 1.4 update is live.

Players will be travelling back to Jarilo-VI for Star Rail’s Version 1.4 storyline; the Old Weapons Testing Ground and Pillars of Creation look to be new areas for players to explore. Beyond that, there’s the Aetherium Wars in-game event, where players need to build “Aether Spirits” to fight against other characters. Similar to…well, Pokemon.

Hoyoverse will also be running a cafe collaboration globally for Star Rail, and Malaysia is a part of it. On our shores, La Juiceria Superfoods is the chosen cafe, and the collaboration will take place between 11 October to 14 November. Participants can walk away with some neat Star Rail merchandise and in-game items.

Honkai: Star Rail 1.4, alongside the PS5 version, will be available on 11 October. To recap, Jingliu’s event wish will be available first once the update is live, followed by Topaz & Numby’s, Guinaifen’s, and Seele’s banners at a later date.