This Is (Likely) the Malaysia Apple Store at The Exchange TRX – Opening February 2024
September 25, 2023 Andrew Cheng

It’s no mystery that Apple is set to open its very own Apple Store here in Malaysia. Estimated to be operational sometime in February 2024, it was previously revealed that the store will be located at The Exchange TRX. Thanks to a walkaround video, we got a closer look (and possibly even confirmation) of the exact Apple Store.

First spotted by Amanz, a YouTube video published by YMG shows us around the construction site of The Exchange TRX. What caught our attention is the 3:25 mark of the video: the caption (roughly) states that the unique-looking building in the drone shot is a “certain fruit brand’s operated store.”

In our opinion, the caption is very likely a reference to the local Apple Store. Compared to Apple Stores found in other regions, this Malaysian outlet looks to feature a rather unique square-like design. The scale of the store itself looks to be quite large too.

It’s definitely exciting for Malaysia to get an Apple Store, which is quite a bit different than the physical outlets currently operated by Apple Premium Resellers such as Switch and Machines on our shores. It’s worth noting that the February 2024 opening of the Apple Store is still just an estimate, so things may change leading up to the launch of the retail space.