Honkai: Star Rail TGS 2023 Trailer Shows Off Jingliu & Topaz – Playable in Version 1.4?
September 22, 2023 Andrew Cheng

Hoyoverse just showed off a new trailer of Honkai: Star Rail at Tokyo Game Show 2023. The video shows off a number of playable characters that have been introduced in the game, along with two that have yet to make their respective debuts: Jingliu and Topaz.

In fact, the two characters have actually been teased by Hoyoverse before. It’s confirmed that both Jingliu and Topaz & Numby – yes, she is accompanied by a Warp Trotter – are 5-star characters. Jingliu is an Ice character that walks the Path of the Destruction, while Topaz & Numby wield the Fire element under the Path of the Hunt.

Looking at their Paths, Jingliu and Topaz & Numby are likely DPS characters, and it’s likely that both of them will be playable in Star Rail 1.4. After all, characters that are teased by Hoyoverse are usually playable in the following version update.

A livestream for the Version 1.4 update of Honkai: Star Rail should be happening very, very soon. We should be learning about the two new characters – alongside Guinaifen, a 4-star unit – at the upcoming livestream.