Video: Wind Studio Sin65 Review – Unique Design at a Price
September 21, 2023 Andrew Cheng

Here’s our review of the Wind Studio Sin65! While the value proposition of the 65% custom keyboard isn’t quite as compelling as other recent releases, the unique design of the Sin65 and mounting versatility could just be worth the premium.

What differentiates the Sin65 from other 65% keyboards that were launched earlier this year is its aesthetics. Not only does it have a rather sleek-looking bottom case with a stainless steel weight, the sides have some nice curves too. This unique design certainly cost more to machine, which is reflected in the asking price of the keyboard.

The Wind Studio Sin65’s groupbuy is now live until 19 October 2023. You can join the groupbuy from Rebult Keyboards if you’re in Malaysia, or directly from Wind Studio if you’re in other markets. Watch our review above to learn more about the Sin65!