Of Course Apple Made a USB-C to Lightning Adapter for RM159
September 13, 2023 Andrew Cheng

Apple is really bidding farewell to the Lightning port. All of the iPhone 15 phones now feature USB-C connectors, so your existing Lightning cables will not be compatible with the new iPhones. But there is a way for you to continue using your Lightning cables: enter Apple’s USB-C to Lightning adapter.

Naturally, the adapter costs quite a bit of money; RM159, to be specific. For that kind of money, the USB-C to Lightning adapter does have a braided cable for added durability. Of course, it is said to be compatible with the new iPhone 15 and iPads with USB-C ports as well.

Unlike the iPhone 15, which will be available for pre-order in Malaysia on 22 September, the USB-C to Lightning cable can actually be purchased right now. If you want to prepare for the new iPhone in advance, you can do just that.

If you’re keen to get Apple’s USB-C to Lightning adapter, you can get buy it on Apple’s Malaysian online store now for RM159. While there are certainly more affordable alternatives in the market, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues with Apple’s very own adapter.