Booked a Tesla Model Y? RM1,000 Non-Refundable Fee Transferable to Model 3
September 5, 2023 Andrew Cheng

If you’ve placed a booking for the Tesla Model Y, but you’re more interested to get the facelifted Tesla Model 3 instead, we have good news for you. The RM1,000 booking fee – which is usually non-refundable – can actually be transferred to the Model 3.

According to Tesla, you have to follow a number of steps (and fulfill some criteria) to transfer a Model Y’s RM1,000 booking fee to the Model 3. Firstly, only Model Y orders placed before 1 September – that’s when the Model 3 facelift was introduced – are eligible for the RM1,000 booking fee transfer.

You can then place an order of the Model 3 with the same Tesla account, and…well, pay another RM1,000 booking fee. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to send a refund request to Tesla via email at [email protected]. Make sure to include your order numbers for both the Model Y and Model 3 in the email.

It’s worth noting that the refund request has to be done by 15 September 2023, and it will only be processed once at Tesla’s discretion. With that in mind, do act quick if you want to transfer your RM1,000 non-refundable fee from the Model Y to the Model 3 facelift.