Tesla Model 3 Facelift Is Here – In Malaysia From RM189k, Late 2023 Delivery
September 1, 2023 Andrew Cheng

The Tesla Model 3 facelift just made its global debut with a new exterior, interior, and even better range. Surprisingly enough, the new EV is also open for order in Malaysia already! For our market, the electric sedan is priced slightly lower than the Model Y, and it will even be delivered earlier on our shores.

More specifically, Malaysian deliveries of the Model 3 are expected to start in late 2023, while the Model Y will only be delivered sometime in early 2024 next year. Aside from that, it also retails from RM189,000; that’s RM10,000 less than the starting price of the Model Y.

Two variants of the Model 3 are available in Malaysia: the standard RWD model (RM189,000), and the Model 3 Long Range with AWD (RM218,000). Of course, you can purchase various add-ons for the EV, such as Enhanced Autopilot (RM16,000) or the complete Full Self-Driving Capability for RM32,000.

Thanks to better aerodynamics, the Model 3 facelift now offers higher range. With the regular model, you can get up to 513km of range (WLTP), while the Model 3 Long Range can do up to 629km. As for performance, the Model 3 can go from 0-100kmph in 6.1 seconds; only 4.4 seconds for the Model 3 Long Range. Top speed for both variants is set at 201kmph.

Compared to the pre-facelift Model 3, the facelifted version has a more chiseled exterior with new LED daytime running lights and C-shaped taillights on the rear. The interior also gets a “wraparound styling” now with more prevalent ambient lighting. The cabin is said to be quieter too, thanks to the use of acoustic glass and improved soundproofing materials.

The Model 3 facelift is now available for order in Malaysia through Tesla’s official website. To recap, the EV retails at RM189,000 for the standard RWD version, while the Model 3 Long Range with AWD goes for RM218,000. First deliveries of the electric sedan here are estimated to start sometime in late 2023.