Project Q Now PlayStation Portal – $199 DualSense With a Screen for Remote Play
August 23, 2023 Andrew Cheng

PlayStation just revealed more details on its handheld device originally dubbed Project Q. The finalised name is PlayStation Portal, and it is…essentially a DualSense with a screen in between the two halves of the controller for remote play.

Naturally, the Portal has all of the features of the DualSense, including adaptive triggers and a refined haptic feedback. As for the display, it is an 8-inch LCD display that can stream games from your PS5 at 1080p in 60fps. Of course, streaming is done over WiFi, and PlayStation recommends speeds of at least 5Mbps. For a “better play experience,” as the company puts it, a 15Mbps connection is recommended.

Aside from the Portal, PlayStation also officially introduced the Pulse Explore wireless earbuds – which we believe has been registered with SIRIM already for the Malaysian market – and Pulse Elite wireless headset, which is a new peripheral. Both support low latency, lossless audio through the use of the new PlayStation Link wireless audio technology.

Interestingly, the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore also use planar magnetic drivers for an “audiophile-level listening experience.” While such a driver isn’t uncommon for headphones, the fact that it’s offered on a pair of wireless earbuds is certainly enticing. PlayStation knows this too, saying that it is one of the first companies to offer wireless earbuds with planar drivers.

Now, pricing. Both the PlayStation Portal and Pulse Explore retail at $199.99 (about RM930), while the Pulse Elite headphones go for $149.99 (approximately RM700). The PlayStation Portal is expected to be available sometime this year, while the Pulse Explore and Pulse Elite do not have a specific release window yet.