Xiaomi’s CyberDog 2 Looks More Like a Dog Now With AI Self-Learning
August 14, 2023 Andrew Cheng

Beyond its most refined foldable phone yet, Xiaomi also unveiled the new CyberDog 2. Compared to the first CyberDog, the new “bio-inspired” quadruped robot looks…well, more like a dog now. It is also quite a bit more advanced, complete with AI self-learning.

Weighing 8.9kg with a size that’s approximately that of a Doberman – which is still a relatively big dog, mind you – the CyberDog 2 is certainly more compact than its predecessor. It can get smarter over time as well, thanks to its AI self-learning capability that involves parallel-training with 30,000 generated robot dog models.

Naturally, the CyberDog 2 can perform some impressive tricks too. Not only can it perform continuous back flips, it can even recover from a fall on its own. To accomplish these feats, it has a slew of sensors and Xiaomi’s self-developed CyberGear micro-actuator that provides a good amount of torque and responsiveness.

So how much does the CyberDog 2 costs? A cool 12,999 Chinese yuan, which comes up to about RM8,130. It’s worth noting that the robot is not catered to regular consumers. Rather, it’s meant to be a development platform for developers to explore. After all, CyberDog 2 is built on an open-source ecosystem.