SINGAKBD Kohaku Polycarbonate In-Stock Sale Happening Q3 2023 – 100 Units Only
July 26, 2023 Andrew Cheng

It’s been a while since we’ve seen an in-stock sale from SINGAKBD. This time around, it is the polycarbonate version of the SINGAKBD Kohaku; it will go on sale towards the end of Q3 2023 in late August or early September.

As usual, the in-stock sale of the polycarbonate Kohaku will be done through a raffle, and only 100 units will be up for grabs. The colour combination is limited to a brass weight with a black aluminium plate as well, which does look quite good, in our opinion.

Based on the Kohaku R2, the polycarbonate Kohaku has a different weight design from the original keyboard for easier assembly. This, along with the polycarbonate material, also change the sound profile of the keyboard. The polycarbonate Kohaku is still using a gasket mount design too, and it’s worth noting that brass weight with the Koi motif is now protected by a tempered glass cover.

More details on the in-stock raffle sale of the SINGAKBD Kohaku will be revealed as we approach the late August/early September sale estimate. Given that only 100 units are up for grabs, odds of winning the raffle will be quite low, as is the case with SINGAKBD’s previous sales.