Tesla Comes to Malaysia 20 July – Local Sales Happening Soon?
July 3, 2023 Andrew Cheng

Tesla Malaysia’s Instagram account just went live, and we have learnt that the carmaker is set to enter our local market later this month on 20 July. It was confirmed just four months ago that Tesla will be coming to Malaysia, so it looks like the brand is establishing its presence here quite rapidly.

The carmaker started recruiting in Malaysia not too long ago, and it even had a walk-in recruitment day last month. It was previously revealed that Tesla will be opening a head office in Malaysia too, along with Tesla experience and service centres. Naturally, the company will develop a Supercharger network locally as well, which will bolster the availability of EV chargers throughout the country.

If Tesla continues at this pace, it’s entirely possible the carmaker will start offering its cars here by the end of the year. It remains to be seen which of its models will be sold here, but given that the Model 3 and Model Y are offered in other ASEAN markets (including Singapore and Thailand), it’s likely we’ll get these two models too.

Of course, this is just an educated guess on our part. Rest assured, we will keep a close eye for any relevant development on Tesla’s activities in Malaysia, and expect more details to be revealed come 20 July in the next couple of weeks.