MTG LOTR 1/1 The One Ring Card Has Been Found – Offer Starts at $1 Million
July 2, 2023 Andrew Cheng

Magic: The Gathering’s rarest card yet, The One Ring, has been found by a lucky individual in Canada. The highly sought-after card is from MTG’s latest The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth set, and only one copy of the serialised card has been printed, which is why it is such a coveted card.

Grading company PSA posted an image of The One Ring card just a couple of days ago with its second highest grading of “Mint 9.” The owner of the card prefers to remain anonymous (understandably), though the individual is currently accepting offers in excess of $1 million (about RM4.6 million) as per Polygon through an attorney at [email protected].

Previously, a game store in Spain was offering a whopping 2 million euro for The One Ring card, which comes up to approximately RM10.2 million. Now that the card has been pulled, it remains to be seen if the store will make good on its offer to the owner of the elusive card.

Once The One Ring has been sold, it is set to be Magic: The Gathering’s most expensive card yet. It makes sense, given the sheer rarity of the card: it has an astonishing low pull rate of less than 0.00003% from the English version of the MTG LOTR Collector Boosters.