Servicing (Or Repairing) A Mercedes-Benz at Cycle & Carriage Batu Caves
June 13, 2023 Andrew Cheng

When you purchase a car from a premium brand like Mercedes-Benz, there’s a certain level of expectation that comes with it, especially in regard to aftersales service. With this in mind, we visited Cycle & Carriage Batu Caves to see for ourselves what the service outlet has to offer.

Whether you’re sending your Mercedes-Benz for servicing or a major repair here, Cycle & Carriage Batu Caves is well-equipped for both. Here’s a look at what the outlet features, including its facilities and accreditations.

Firstly, Cycle & Carriage Batu Caves is the first outlet to receive Mercedes-Benz’s highest accredited Centre of Competence status, so it meets the standards for car restoration services. The company added that the other outlet to receive this accreditation is Cycle & Carriage Glenmarie.

Aside from that, Cycle & Carriage Batu Caves also has the Mercedes-Benz Level 4 certification – following strict audits by Mercedes-Benz AG itself – allowing it to handle minor car repairs to severe damages that require aluminium structure repairs. Here are some key requirements that have to be met to get this certification:

  • Equipped with special and standard tools for car restoration
  • Equipped with a spray booth
  • Has Cellete bench and jigs to carry out structure repairs
  • Has an aluminium bay with welding machine
  • Has a dry sanding area with proper ventilation
  • Equipped with paint preparation bays, spray booths, an oven booth, and polishing bays

And that is a good segue to the facilities found at Cycle & Carriage Batu Caves. Beyond the ones mentioned above, the outlet also has a service and repair workshop, body and paint centre, as well as an office, all within a built-up area of 117,720 sqft.

It’s worth noting that the workshop area of Cycle & Carriage Batu Caves is equipped with a five-tonne hoist as well. Not many outlets have this hoist, which is used to repair heavier vehicles like the Mercedes-Ben G-Class and armoured vehicles.

Occasionally, Cycle & Carriage Batu Caves also runs a Mercedes-Benz Service Clinic, which offers customers a comprehensive (and complimentary) health check of their vehicles. This clinic usually involves a Mercedes-Benz “Flying Doctor,” an expert technician that are flown throughout the region. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

And that is Cycle & Carriage Batu Caves. Rest assured, your Mercedes-Benz will be well taken care of at the service outlet. If you’re keen to send your car here, it is located at Lot 5, Jalan Perusahaan 1, Kawasan Perindustrian PKNS, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor.