TTRacing Titus Smart Desk Unboxing & Assembly – Affordable Standing Desk!
June 12, 2023 Andrew Cheng

There are quite a number of standing desks in the market now, but most of them also cost quite a bit of money. If you want a more budget-friendly offering, then consider the TTRacing Titus Smart Desk. Retailing from only RM999, it’s one of the more affordable standing desks currently sold in Malaysia.

TTRacing sent over the Titus for review not too long ago, and after assembling it together, I think it’s a good height-adjustable standing desk for the money. It’s not too tricky to assemble either, though it may be a challenge if you plan to do it alone. Nonetheless, here’s the unboxing and assembly of the Titus!

The Titus Smart Desk comes in two packages that are delivered separately: one for the desk frame, and another for the table top. I received the large variant of the Titus with a 1.6m table top for RM1,149, and paired with the RM99 cable organiser – which was also sent separately – this particular configuration costs RM1,248.

In my opinion, this is still good value for money. If you want the absolute cheapest Titus, you can opt for the small version of the desk with a 1.2m table top for RM999. Beyond the smaller top, other specifications of this model are exactly the same as the larger ones. Do note that this is the Titus in Onyx; there’s a white version of the desk dubbed Howlite if you want a different colour instead.

Anyway, to start putting together the Titus, the desk frame has to be set up. First, the left and right frame supports have to be secured to their respective frame bases with four screws on each side.

Once that’s done, we move on to the extendable bars that will connect the two frame supports. This step is relatively easy: just slide in the two short extendable bars to the long piece, and put the four screws (for each bar) into place, but don’t tighten them yet. Now, these bars can be secured to the frame supports.

And then we have the side brackets, which will secure the table top to the desk frame later. The side brackets are installed on either sides of the frame supports, and once they are in place, the extendable coupling rod can then be inserted in between the two extendable bars. This rod has to be aligned to the motor on the right frame support, and do not tighten the rod just yet at this point of assembly.

Now this is where it gets tricky, depending on the size of the table top you purchased. The top has to be placed on top of the desk frame now, and the distance between the two frame supports has to be adjusted accordingly to fit the width of the top. Needless to say, this step of the assembly is much easier with the help of another person.

When the four openings on the side brackets are aligned to the screw holes on the bottom of the table top, secure them accordingly. The screws on the extendable bars (along with the extendable coupling rod) can also be tightened now, since the table top is installed already.

Almost done! It’s time to install the controller for the height adjustment, which is secured to the underside of the desk on the right. The control box can then be placed behind the controller, which supplies power to it.

To finish things off, install the mug holder and headphones hanger – both of which are retractable – on the right and left sides of the desk respectively. If you got the cable organiser add-on, assemble the C-shape brackets to the organiser first before installing it to the underside of the desk on the back.

And that is it! The Titus Smart Desk is now fully assembled.

I’ve used the Titus for a bit since assembling it, and I do quite like the standing desk. The powder coated table top feels good to the touch with a matte finish – though it has a tendency to pick up stains quite easily – and I appreciate the ergonomic contour design with cut-in edges for improved comfort.

If I were to nitpick, I’d say the motor can be a tad quieter. Don’t get me wrong, it is not obnoxiously loud by any means, but it does sound noticeably louder than, say, the motor on the EVIS Intelligent Desk. But to be fair, that is a RM4,099 desk, while the Titus is a much, much more affordable option.

All in all, I am happy with the overall quality and assembly process of the TTRacing Titus Smart Desk. With a RM999 starting price, its value proposition is good, though I’ll reserve judgment until the full review. Nevertheless, if you want to purchase this standing desk, you can do so over at TTRacing’s official website.

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