The Acerpure Aqua Can Purify Tea Into Water, And It’s Coming to Malaysia Soon
May 31, 2023 Andrew Cheng

Acer has been expanding its product offerings in Malaysia for quite some time now with its Acerpure products, and soon, the Taiwanese company will be bringing in a water purifier to our local market. Enter the Acerpure Aqua: a 3-in-1 water purifier that not only looks good, but is also very functional.

One of the advantages of the Acerpure Aqua – though it also depends on the user – is the fact that no piping is required to install it. The water purifier draws water from an 8.7L two-sided water tank, which is then filtered with a four-step filtration system.

To show just how effective the Aqua’s filtration system is, Acer actually used black tea as the water source. The purified tea looks just like water, which is pretty darn impressive.

Of course, the Acerpure Aqua’s filters can be easily replaced by users too. What we also like about the water purifier – aside from the fact that we can see the filtered water through the see-through window – is the fact that we can set the water to a specific temperature. This ranges from as low as 10°C to 95°C.

While we were told that the Acerpure Aqua is coming to Malaysia, no specific timeline was given. Rest assured, the water purifier is said to be coming “very soon,” and we’ll definitely keep a close eye on its local availability.