Apple Adds Final Cut Pro & Logic Pro to iPad – Subscription-Based From RM22.90
May 9, 2023 Andrew Cheng

The iPad just got more powerful with the addition of Apple’s two popular software: Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. The two apps are offered on a subscription basis for the tablet, which starts at RM22.90 per month.

This is quite a bit more affordable than buying Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for a Mac, which are priced at RM1,299.90 and RM999.90 respectively. Despite the price difference on a Mac, the two apps cost the same on the iPad: RM22.90 per month (as mentioned) or RM199 for an annual subscription.

Of course, Apple did add some new features to the iPad version of the two apps. In the case of Final Cut Pro, there is a new touch interface (naturally) along with a jog wheel that lets users “interact with content in completely new ways,” as the Cupertino company puts it.

As for Logic Pro, support for touch controls – including pinch to zoom and swipe to scroll – allows users to play software instruments and navigate around the app more intuitively. If you prefer more traditional keyboard controls for the two apps, you can still use them by connecting the iPad to a Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Folio.

If you want to give the two apps a try, a one-month free trial will be offered for Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro on iPad. Both apps will be available for Apple’s tablet from 24 May later this month.