ChargEV Upgrading Older AC Chargers at 18 Petronas Stations
April 28, 2023 Andrew Cheng

In the coming months, ChargEV will be upgrading a number of its AC chargers at 18 different Petronas stations throughout Malaysia. The upgrade process will see the decommissioning of these older AC chargers.

According to ChargEV, the upgrade process will “significantly enhance the charging experience for all EV drivers.” This could mean that ChargEV AC chargers at Petronas stations listed below will be upgraded to faster DC chargers, though this is merely an educated guess on our part.

It’s also possible that ChargEV will install newer AC chargers at these Petronas stations. After all, the current AC chargers are quite dated, which requires a physical ChargEV card to be activated. More modern AC chargers can simply be activated through various apps, including the ChargEV app.

We’ll find out just what the upgrade entails once ChargEV completes its upgrade works at these Petronas stations. As more EV models are introduced in Malaysia, it’s great to see improvements to the local EV charging infrastructure.