Smart #3 Electric SUV Coming to Malaysia – Smart #1 on Track for Q4 2023 Local Launch
April 20, 2023 Andrew Cheng

Unveiled just a couple of days ago at the Shanghai auto show, we now have confirmation that the new Smart #3 electric SUV is coming to Malaysia. According to Proton, the new EV will arrive here – via its subsidiary, Pro-Net – after the SUV goes on sale in China and Europe.

Dubbed as a “sport utility coupe” with a sloping roofline, the Smart #3 shares the same design language as the Smart #1, though it’s a larger electric SUV. Unfortunately, technical details of the #3 have not been revealed yet; we’ll have to wait for its official European debut sometime in September for those info.

Beyond the Smart #3, Proton reiterated that the Smart #1 is on track for its Q4 2023 debut here in Malaysia. Several media have even tested the SUV at Proton’s test track, and more preview sessions – which will be open to the public as well – will be held before the EV goes on sale locally.

It’s certainly exciting to see the launch of more EVs in Malaysia, even if our charging infrastructure still needs some work. Here’s hoping more EV chargers will be available locally as EV adoption increases on our shores.