Mode Is Coming to Malaysia Through Rebult Keyboards, Starting With Mode Envoy
April 20, 2023 Andrew Cheng

Mode has been in the custom keyboard scene for quite some time now, and the keyboard brand is now expanding to other markets, including Malaysia. This expansion is done through vendor partners, and Rebult Keyboards will be the vendor for our market.

The first big Mode product that will be sold through these vendors is none other than the Mode Envoy, a relatively affordable 65% keyboard. A group buy for the Envoy – in five pre-configured colourways – will take place from 21 April at 8PM until 12 May in Malaysia from Rebult Keyboards.

As for pricing, the Envoy starts at RM965 for our market, and the price goes up accordingly depending on the colourway and plate material. Speaking of which, five plate options are available: aluminium, FR4, POM, carbon fibre, and copper.

Aside from the Envoy, group buy for other Mode keyboard components will be offered by Rebult Keyboards too. These include switches, deskmats, keycaps, and even artisan keycaps. It’s worth noting that these components are all designed after three specific Mode Themes: Anthracite, Obscura, and Tomorrow.

Estimated fulfilment for these Mode products (including the Envoy) is sometime in September 2023. While that’s quite some time away, at least you won’t have to pay for international shipping or extra import charges if you were to purchase these items directly from Mode.