Marvel Snap Season Pass Price Raised (Quietly) in Malaysia – Now RM47.99
April 7, 2023 Andrew Cheng

Every month, a new Season Pass is introduced in Marvel Snap, which offers a new card, variants, as well as extra gold and credit to players who purchase it. Needless to say, it offers good value, but it appears Second Dinner quietly raised the price of the Season Pass in Malaysia.

Previously, the Marvel Snap Season Pass costs RM44.90 in Malaysia, and this was the case up until March 2023. When the April Season Pass went live – featuring the new Hit-Monkey card – the price has gone up to RM47.99. On top of that, there’s no official announcement from Second Dinner either on this price change.

This applies to every platform Marvel Snap is offered too. Whether you’re on iOS, Android, or PC via Steam, the price increase is consistent. A player in India also reported a similar price increase from 899 Indian rupee to 999 rupee. That’s a difference of about RM5, which is slightly more than the price hike in Malaysia.

It’s not great that the price of Marvel Snap’s Season Pass was quietly increased, though it still offers the best value for money if you want to get more gold, credits, and the Season Pass card. Of course, to get the best value out of it, you’d have to reach level 50.