MTG March of the Machine Carnival Happening in Malaysia This Weekend
April 6, 2023 Andrew Cheng

Wizards of the Coast will be releasing Magic: The Gathering’s next expansion, March of the Machine (MOM), later this month on 21 April. Ahead of the set’s release for tabletop, Wizards is holding series of “carnival-styled” activities for the upcoming expansion this weekend here in Malaysia.

The MOM carnival will be held at two locations in Klang Valley on 8 and 9 April. There’s Classroom Cafe in Uptown Damansara, as well as Cards & Hobbies in Petaling Jaya. The two game stores will be themed after certain planes found in MTG as well for the carnival. Classroom Cafe will be depicting Phyrexia, while Cards & Hobbies is going with Kamigawa.

During the MOM carnival, a slew of activities will be offered. These include learn-to-play sessions, meet and greet with cosplayers – you can catch Elspeth at the two game stores on 8 April – and to top it off, you can even win prizes at the carnival by just sharing photos of the event on social media.

Those who are interested to attend MTG’s March of the Machine carnival this weekend are encouraged to pre-register through this Facebook event. Admission is free, and those who registered will receive two themed booster packs as well.