Qualcomm Highlights Its Role in Enabling AI Features on Various Platforms
March 31, 2023 Andrew Cheng

Many of us are familiar with Qualcomm. After all, the chipmaker’s SoCs are found on smartphones across all segments. But what is (perhaps) not as widely known is the company’s contribution in enabling AI-centric features found on various platforms from smartphones to laptops.

Take real-time translation and digital assistance offered by your Android smartphone, which are enhanced with the Qualcomm AI Engine through natural language processing. It also enables shooting 8K videos with your smartphone complete with “cinematic effects,” as Qualcomm puts it.

Qualcomm’s AI efforts can be found in laptops built on the Snapdragon Compute Platform too. Qualcomm and Microsoft collaborated to introduce a number of neat AI-accelerated features in Windows 11, including a more natural video conferencing experience.

Whether it’s noise suppression, background blur, auto-framing, or gaze correction, the features are implemented without sacrificing performance or power efficiency. These computationally heavy tasks as offloaded to a dedicated AI engine, freeing up CPU and GPU resources.

AI may be used as a buzzword by certain parties to make their products more compelling, but it really does bring a number of benefits when properly implemented. It’s great to see Qualcomm’s efforts in this particular field to further improve user experience across various platforms.