PantheonKeys Reveals More Details on Purity Tactile Switch – 65g Long Spring, Made by Meirun
March 30, 2023 Andrew Cheng

Custom keyboard vendor PantheonKeys – based in our neighbouring country Singapore – revealed more details on its upcoming Purity tactile switch. We now know that the full PBT housing switch features a 65g long spring, and it is manufactured by Meirun.

Meirun is not a manufacturer that’s widely known in the custom keyboard scene, and truth be told, this is the first time we’ve heard of the brand. While this doesn’t immediately inspire confidence, we do think the Purity is a relatively well-made switch, based on our brief time with it so far. Yes, we’ve received samples of the switch already for our review.

Anyway, aside from the full PBT housing, the Purity also features a single-stage 65g long spring, which should make the switch feel “snappier.” Basically, the longer the spring, the stronger the upstroke, lending to a more responsive typing experience.

Rounding out the specifications of the Purity include a “mystery blend” stem, factory lube out of the box, and 3.4mm of travel; slightly shorter compared to the standard 4mm key travel. It’ll be interesting to see how the reduced travel would affect the typing experience.

According to PantheonKeys, pre-orders for the Purity switch will be opened in the next couple of weeks. As for pricing, it will be priced at around S$0.60 per switch, which comes up to about RM2 per switch. We’ll be posting our sound test of the Purity switch very soon, so stay tuned for that!