SINGAKBD Kohaku R2 Groupbuy Set for 12 April – 700 Units, 4 Colours, From RM2,430
March 29, 2023 Andrew Cheng

SINGAKBD is releasing a second iteration of its stunning 65% keyboard, the SINGAKBD Kohaku R2. The R2 version sports a number of changes, along with new colour options and more units up for grabs – a total of 700 units are available.

Previously, only 300 units of the original Kohaku went up for sale, so there are twice as many units (and then some) for the R2 sale. There are also four colourways now: Autumn Lilac, Smoke Grey, Lunar Black, and the sleek British Racing Green variant you see in the video below.

Beyond the new colours, the Kohaku R2 also has a different weight design now for easier assembly. This also changes the sound profile of the keyboard a tad bit as the video above shows, though it’s not too different overall, in our opinion. Oh, the acrylic cover for the weight with the Kōhaku Koi motif has also been replaced with tempered glass; very nice.

Other specifications of the Kohaku R2 include a gasket mount design, three choices of plate material – aluminium by default with carbon fibre and polycarbonate available as add-ons – sandblasted stainless steel or brass weight (depending on colourway), and a hotswap or solderable PCB.

Here in Malaysia, the groupbuy for the SINGAKBD Kohaku R2 will be offered by SINGAKBD itself from 12 to 14 April through a raffle. The base kit without PCB costs RM2,250, so you’ll have to add on a solderable or hotswap PCB for an extra RM180 or RM245 respectively, so the starting price of the Kohaku R2 is RM2,430 – not a bad price at all for a premium custom keyboard.

More details on the Kohaku R2 groupbuy can be found here. Fulfilment of the 65% custom keyboard, on the other hand, is expected to start in Q4 2023 or Q1 2024.